First of all, Thank You for the Amazing Evening!

Yes, it really was an amazing evening, and i want to thank you all for the fun we had. And thanks your company for the opportunity that gave us. It was a real pleasure to be asked to help you have am informal and entertaining moment for all your team.

We did our best to try to make the event more relaxing and welcoming for everyone and you gave us a very good response, at least judging from the smiles i saw on your faces and the laughter i heard during the evening.

 I asked Paolo to post the pictures of the event here on my website, in a hidden gallery made just for you. I would love to get from you more feedbacks about the evening, and let us know what worked best and what can be improved in future similar events.

I would also ask you if i could use some of the best photos in a public post about the evening, just to show the game retail world that is possible to cooperate with big companies for events like the one we shared. Of course the feedbacks and the Company will be kept anonymous.

Thanks Again! Hope to hear from you soon